Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Meine erste Häkelei :-9)

Nun habe ich endlich häkeln gelernt)))) Hier möchte ich zeigen, was draus geworden ist. Es ist aber nicht die erste Häkelblüme. Die ersten kann man aber nicht zeigen, die dienen nur als Übungsmaterial ))) Natürlich ging es ganz ohne Perlen nicht. Hier hab ich ein paar Swarowski. verwendet ))))


  1. Hello,Dear Luba:-)
    Thank You for the visit at my blog and for the nice comment:-)
    I can read-You've been 'exercising' with the crochet flower:-)
    Your 'exercise' is fantastic.Beautiful colors and the addition of pearls make the design very charming.I think,You've created the fantastic, 'warm' brooch this way.
    I have got one question to You...Your beautiful name...are You from:Russia,Belarus, ornUkraine by any chance? :-)
    I am from Poland-Warsaw-married to the Danish-living in Sweden,writing in English - hahaa! :-))
    -All the Best to You-Warm Greetings-

    1. Hallo Halinka )))
      Thank you for your comment. It is very nice)))) I'm just trying to crochet, last weekend I spent a lot of time in the train, while I still have seven flowers crocheted))) I have to find time to embroider it with pearls.As for my name - I come from siberia russia, am married to a German, and write in English :-). somewhat simpler than you :-)
      many greetings, Luba

  2. Hi,Luba:
    It seems-we're both very international women:-))
    You also write the fluent German-I can read and speak,but not so well,as I have forgotten a lot,but I have got the German neighbors here,so sometimes I also have the opportunity to speak German a bit.
    I also know Russian very well,like Polish-I've always loved this language and have always been very good at it.I speak English at home,because Danish is too difficult for me,but I can read both: Swedish and Danish too.
    -Best Greetings-